The Impossible Room – Escher 2.0

For Escher 2.0 @LVR – Max Ernst Museum Short VR Experience at Escher Exhibition 2016 Core Concept, Art Design & Music Used Ableton Live, Unity3D, Samsung Oculus SDK Team: Lutz Schönfelder, Malte Dittmann, Pierre Schlömp und Hans Reitemeyer Project Lead: Katharina Tillmanns Mentoring: Prof. Markus Hettlich, Judith Ruzicka Ingame: Presscoverage: Impressions:

Khanya – Character Concept // BA4

Semester Project for Creative Process, BA4. Fictional Street Fighter V character concept. Used: Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Motionbuilder, Advanced Skeleton 5, Mental Ray, ipisoft Studio, Photoshop Sketchfab: Youtube: Process:  

Elegy – Platformer

Semester Project BA1 In this challenging and atmospheric 2D puzzle-platformer you play a boy who lost his favorite pet. Now, you are trapped in a dreamlike state, wandering through a seemingly empty city. Your goal is to recollect your memories and cope with your loss. But to reach your memories, you have to shatter everything… Elegy – Platformer weiterlesen