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Jessika (PC, Mac, Linux, Switch & Mobile)
Theater Production / Mixed Reality / MoCap
Cage Against The Machine
Unity Engine, FMV-Game
Video-production, story, art-style & realization.
Developed in Unreal Engine 4.26/2.27
Character Design, MoCap & Virtual Production Setup in combination with Green Screen & ATEM Streaming Setup
Unreal Engine 4.26
Gameplay, Game Design, Funding & Soundtrack Production
The Versatile Curse
Turbo Assembly Line
XIX VR Training
Unreal Engine 4.26
Project Realization, Funding, Art Direction & MoCap
Unity Engine & Microsoft Cortana
3D Assets, Project Concept & Realization
Virtual Sales-Training for Smartphones
Sound & Music, partially Gameplay & 3D Assets 
Plant and Run (360° VR Promo Video)
2019 – Showreel

360° Video Production
Realisation, Camera, Editing & Stitching